The Colchester Food Network offers a variety of programming that is funded by grants.

The Sharing Kitchen

The Colchester Food Network has a Sharing Kitchen that allows the Food Bank to facilitate cooking programming for community members. You do not need to be a client of the Food Bank to enjoy the programming offered.

In School Programming

Our Food Program Facilitator brings programming to schools in the area. Children learn cooking skills, healthy food habits and safe food handling. Each child takes home all the ingredients that are used to their families.

The Slow Cooker Cooking Program  

Participants were enrolled in a five-week cooking program where they learned how to cook various recipes from a booklet called “From Farm to Slow Cooker”.  All ten participants received a slow cooker to take home.

Senior and Youth Mentorship Programming.

With the guidance of the Food Program Facilitator seniors mentor youth in growing food to preserving food. Youth gain skills taught by seniors. Seniors gain socialization from the youth.

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